Ludvig Perés (b. Sweden) is a Chicago-based artist whose photo-based practice intersects traditional print media and sculpture. Perés' artistic exploration is centered around technology's rapid development and its impact on our lives. He employs a sociological approach to probe the relationship between technology and alienation, raising critical questions about its role in our hypermodern society.

Perés' work has been featured in a number of exhibitions, including Fotografiska Talent 2018 at the Swedish Museum of Photography (Fotografiska) in Stockholm. The following year, he was invited to attend the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop XXXII to work and network with leading photo professionals. In 2022, he was awarded the IAP grant by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for his documentation of the Covid-19 pandemic's hardships at Chicago public schools through his work with CPS Lives. In 2023 his work with CPS Lives was exhibited at EXPO Chicago 2023.

Through his artistic practice, Perés creates a space for reflection and contemplation, encouraging viewers to consider the consequences of our frenzied reliance on technology in our contemporary lives.